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Slab Leak Repair

Superior repair service for slab leak.

Did you ever encounter a leak in the slab? Many homeowners can not answer this question, as they have never heard of this phenomenon. Slab leaks are among the most mysterious water leaks that can affect your house, and may not be visible to the naked eye until a while after they start.

Slab leaks are capable of large quantities of damage to your home due to the fact that they are so difficult to spot. Good thing the HVAC Repair Company Pro Services plumbing experts are well prepared to handle slab leak repair services for homes.

What are the leaks at Slab?

Slab leaks start from under the concrete floor of the foundation of a house. This piece of concrete is sometimes referred to as a slab, from which the name of this sort of leak originates. Since the leak occurs under the concrete slab it’s hard to spot and there are often no visible indications until it spreads. The bigger the leak, the more difficult it becomes to find.

Signs You Need Slab Leak Service

It could very well be you won’t know whether you need to fix a slab leak in your home before the signs clearly show up. Nevertheless here are some of the slab leak warning signs:

  • You can find Soggy soil around the outside of your property
  • Moist or wet baseboards, walls or tapestries in your basement
  • Mold patches in concentrates around the basement
  • A significant spike in your water bill

The one thing to tip you off is some kind of moisture in the basement area. This is the one place that should be fully dry in your house. Consider calling a professional plumber to examine your home if you find any of the above symptoms that could suggest a slab leak. It is best to get any potential leaks investigated by a professional pair of eyes.

Damage caused by leaks at Slab

Unfortunately, due to the existence of slab leaks, it’ll still be hard to tell exactly when the leak began and how much damage has been done. It is obvious is that there will be significant damage to those leaks. The types of damage caused may include mold, water damage, electrical wiring damage and rotting wood. The longer a leak will go undetected, the more damaging the consequences can be.

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