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There are a huge number of homeowners who keep using boilers as a source of heat, and for good reason. Boilers are reliable appliances that possess an extremely long lifespan. Despite their durability, however, they need regular maintenance and even replacement, just like all other home appliances. The boiler contractors at HVAC Repair Company Services are trained to do boiler repair and boiler installation services. By booking regular maintenance check-ups and making appropriate repairs, the life span of this machine can be extended by many years. If the point has come to buy a replacement unit, but, we can install a high-efficiency model for you.

Signs You might Need a Boiler Repair Contractor

Boilers have been around for a long time, which means several well-known issues exist. Some only call for an immediate fix while others indicate larger trouble is afoot. Call a boiler repair contractor if you detect any of the following:

  • Kettling - Do you hear a low grumbling noise if you listen to the boiler? Kettling is commonly a sign of scale buildup in the heater exchange.
    Strange Sound Any strange gurgling or whistling sound heard coming from the boiler is not a good sign. This is usually due to there being too much or too little water in the system.
  • Switches On and Off of the Boiler - If your unit continues to switch on and off without doing adjustment to your home’s temperature, it’s likely a problem to do with the thermostat.
  • Cold Radiators - Boilers’ function is by delivering hot water to certain appliances in your home. When this water can’t make its destination, these appliances can’t aren’t able to use the heat. Such problems can be caused by an increase of sludge and debris or corroded pipes.
  • No Hot Water - More commonly than not, when no hot water comes out of your taps it’s due to a mechanical failure.

When Should You Install a New Boiler?

Boilers can stay in function for decades before there’s a noticeable drop in ineffectiveness. When one approaches the end of its effectiveness, however, the signs are apparent. If your boiler needs frequent repairs, your utility bill keeps on increasing or even if you just want to install a more high-efficiency system, it may be time to consider buying for a new appliance.

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